Indigenous Peoples and Mining
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Good practice guide Indigenous Peoples and mining (Second edition)

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Good practice guide Indigenous Peoples and mining (Second edition)

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Parts One, Two, Three, Four


Part One - Good practice guidance

(PDF [6.9MB])

Part Two - Toolkit

(PDF [9.1MB])

Part Three - Case studies

(PDF [2.1MB])

Part Four - Further information

(PDF [5.3MB])


Part One - Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


Part One - Chapter 1 - Introduction

(PDF [1.9MB])

Part One - Chapter 2 - Engagement and indigenous participation

(PDF [1.5MB])

Part One - Chapter 3 - Managing impacts

(PDF [1.3MB])

Part One - Chapter 4 - Agreements

(PDF [1MB])

Part One - Chapter 5 - Dealing with grievances

(PDF [1MB])


Part Two - Tools 1-13


Tool 1 - Applying principles of good engagement

(PDF [418KB])

Tool 2 - Building engagement capacity in companies

(PDF [534KB])

Tool 3 - Dealing with challenges in the identification and recognition of indigenous land rights

(PDF [609KB])

Tool 4 - Ensuring engagement is consistent with Indigenous Peoples’ decision-making processes

(PDF [614KB])

Tool 5 - Dealing with the challenges of engagement

(PDF [427KB])

Tool 6 - Impact avoidance and mitigation

(PDF [814KB])

Tool 7 - Strengthening the community asset base

(PDF [854KB])

Tool 8 - Baseline studies and impact assessments

(PDF [826KB])

Tool 9 - Making agreements

(PDF [1.3MB])

Tool 10 - Good faith negotiation

(PDF [415KB])

Tool 11 - Working to obtain consent - a suggested process across corporate engagement

(PDF [617KB])

Tool 12- Designing and implementing grievance mechanisms

(PDF [842KB])

Tool 13 - Steps towards consensus

(PDF [730KB])


Part Three - Case studies


Barrick - Cowal mine (previously owned by Barrick) – Procurement from indigenous suppliers

(PDF [58KB])

Barrick - Early engagement and agreements with native title owners in New South Wales

(PDF [110KB])

Barrick - Flexibility and co-operation in delivering on agreements

(PDF [58KB])

Barrick - Fostering local culture and language – Shoshone Youth Language Apprenticeship Program

(PDF [60KB])

Barrick - Respecting the cultural heritage of Indigenous Peoples

(PDF [60KB])

BHP Billiton - Olympic Dam – Aboriginal business development

(PDF [61KB])

BHP Billiton Potash - Opportunities agreements

(PDF [156KB])

Cerrejón - FPIC and expansion project

(PDF [246KB])

Freeport-McMoRan - Addressing the gender gap

(PDF [151KB])

Freeport-McMoRan - Establishing educational programs to promote continued development

(PDF [61KB])

Freeport-McMoRan - Managing expectations

(PDF [59KB])

Freeport-McMoRan - Preparing for mine closure in Indonesia

(PDF [61KB])

Freeport-McMoRan - Preserving traditions and promoting arts and culture

(PDF [157KB])

Glencore - Raglan mine - Company–community committee to govern agreement

(PDF [111KB])

Glencore - Raglan mine – Accessing royalties and profit-sharing mechanisms

(PDF [115KB])

Newmont - FPIC in action - documenting FPIC-related processes during exploration phase – in Suriname

(PDF [58KB])

Newmont - Martu ranger program in Western Australia

(PDF [58KB])

Newmont - Muntjiljtarra Wurrgumu Group’s Martu attitudinal survey

(PDF [58KB])

Newmont - Reviewing partnership agreements

(PDF [61KB])

Rio Tinto - Cultivating mutual understanding and learning

(PDF [117KB])

Rio Tinto - Diavik mine – Establishing and delivering on effective participation agreements

(PDF [57KB])

Rio Tinto - Reviewing the implementation and effectiveness of company–community agreements

(PDF [133KB])

Rio Tinto - Supporting indigenous small-scale miners in Namibia

(PDF [59KB])

Teck - Collaborative consultation – experience with a First Nations independent technical review

(PDF [61KB])

Teck - Sharing knowledge of culture and country

(PDF [145KB])

Teck- Red Dog mine – Accessing royalties and profit-sharing mechanisms

(PDF [58KB])